“2017 Toyota 86” By Danny Miranda

The new 86 is a remake of the scion frs which is no longer part of Toyota. the new one 86 comes with a new load of stuff. The basically remade the whole car entirely new. The base price for the Toyota 86 is $26,000 which is a little pricy for a car that doesn’t even make 380 hp. Inside there is a new steering wheel that is smaller but thicker with more control buttons. This is the rear-wheel-drive 2+2 sports coupe on a platform co-developed with Subaru, which sells it as the BRZ. The cars were tuned to be lightweight, affordable drift cars and open the door to experience grassroots racing relatively inexpensively The 86 is on sale now in the U.S., with California expected to be the biggest market. Toyota sells about 50,000 globally each year with the U.S. accounting for as many as 10,000 of the annual sales. Toyota figures about 70 percent of sports car buyers are enthusiasts who know exactly what they want and don’t cross shop. It is tough finding a direct competitor to the 86. The closest would be the Mazda MX-5 Miata RF and the Fiat 124 Spider, but cars such as the Ford Fiesta ST have helped invigorate the affordable performance car segment. As for expansion of the 86 lineup, Tada shot down speculation of a convertible or a turbo. The platform and vehicle structure were engineered to accommodate a convertible, but Tada said, to his chagrin, the business case is not there. He does not expect the idea to get the green light.


As for the turbo—that is a big no. The 86 is a perfectly balanced car with a naturally aspirated engine, Tada said, and a turbo would make it nose heavy. A turbo is being saved for the Toyota Supra, which is being engineered with BMW. Think of the next Supra as a bigger, more powerful brother to the more affordable 86.


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