“What is Creative Writing?” By Mia Garcia

Creative Writing is a form of writing that some people may describe as, “an art of sorts, the art of making things up.” It’s writing published in a form that is not academic nor technical but still attracts an audience. To summarize, creative writing can be described as original and self-expressive as writers oftentimes write certain stories, certain characters, that really give us, the audience, a glimpse into the writer’s’ personality.

Publishing a creative writing article can also be relaxing yet somewhat stressful. When I write an article for instance, oftentimes I find it relaxing just writing about the first thing that comes to mind, that could range from a feeling, to a character, to a story all together. Which could take either a small amount of time or an excessive amount of time. But when writing has a certain due date and you only have a certain amount of time to finish the entire article itself is very difficult. Especially when the writer suffers with the infamous ‘writer’s block.’

Writer’s block is the worst possible thing to happen to any writer. Your mind is empty, nothing comes to mind. Writer’s block is inevitable, it happens to every writer. You can’t come up with an idea, a theme, not even a sentence, it feels as if you don’t have a creative bone left in your body. A lot of things can cause writer’s block; timing, fear, perfectionism. The timing may just not be right to put out an article, especially when you feel unsure about your writing. Some writers struggle with the idea of putting themselves and their writing out there for people to see and possibly judge. Most writer’s, if not all, are perfectionists when it comes to writing, wanting to plan the perfect story or article before they even touch a notepad or keyboard. If they don’t plan ahead and make it as perfect as they would want it to be they don’t bother ever starting it.

Creative writing, in the end, is stressful but enjoyable most of the time. Personally, I enjoy writing as a way to express what I’m feeling at that certain moment in time, other writers may write whatever their feeling at that certain moment in time as well, whatever it may be, all writers have a reason for writing what their writing. Every writer may deal with an obstacle along the way, writer’s block being one of them, but half the time the article or story gets done someway somehow in the end.


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