“Venezuela: Financial and political problem” By Kevin Lainez

A country once known for its beautiful cities and tourists attractions is now facing political and economic problems as protesters take to the streets. This once peaceful protest between citizens and government had the intentions to create change instead of making the situation worse. But since February of 2014 the country of Venezuela has faced over several mass riots that have injured thousands, and killed hundreds in the process. This problem of criminals blending into the riots and protests leads officials to use force and divide the protests before they get out of hand.

While this does not include the citizens that have been murdered in the streets and inner cities of Venezuela, but due to the rise of inflation, scarcity of supplies and young citizens and criminals joining the fight to rebel against the government using force and weapons, the city in itself is closing down areas to protect itself from its criminals and delinquents.

But through recent events even peaceful citizens who protest to speak their minds are also being divided using conventional weapons such as tear gas, paintball guns, firehoses and shotguns to protect citizens and government officials from dealing with another large riot. But with rioters using their own weapons and defense from Molotov’s and masks to shields and IED’s (Improvised explosive device) this clash between the government and its people has led media to explore both sides of the problem.


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