“Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theories” By Ivan Urbina

Michael Jackson was one of the biggest-selling pop stars of all time with record-breaking albums and short films that no other pop star now can surpass or replicate. A lot has been going on about MJ and many people are believing it. Michael did go through a lot throughout his life and many people criticized him about it. People created these backstabbing, false stories about him and people still believe these stories to this day. New stories and rumors are now spreading around. Conspiracy theories make up the majority of these stories. Here are some of those theories.

#1: Michael Jackson & The Illuminati This has to be the creepiest and scariest theory! During Michael’s last years, whenever he would talk on the phone, he would always hang up crying. According to his oldest son, Michael Jackson Jr., Michael would always end a phone call conversation by saying “ Someone’s after me and wants to get rid of me” or “I’m gonna die”. Michael knew someone was after him!

Michael’s Last Phone Call Michael would send out subliminal messages in his songs that would mention the Illuminati but not directly mentioned. The messages were hidden in the song. In 1993, Michael was accused of molesting a child and many people were brainwashed into believing this. Think about it. This guy named Michael Jackson rockets from being a little child star to the biggest selling entertainer of all time and you start to like his songs and later on, you become a fan ,but all of a sudden, you turn your back on him because you have been brainwashed into believing a story. If you were to watch the last 4 minutes of the “Black Or White” music video, you would see symbols on windows around the setting. You know Michael as a humble, polite human being but now when you see this, he becomes a completely different person! The signs mess around with his mind!

Michael Jackson Sending a Cryptic Message To The Illuminati Michael was controlled by this organization and since he tried to go against them, they murdered him. LaToya Jackson, one of MJ’s sisters, said that Michael was murdered in an interview. It was never an accident. Michael was just one of the hundreds of celebs that were controlled and killed later on. LaToya Jackson Saying Michael Was Murdered List of Some Other Celebs Controlled and Killed by The Illuminati:

● Tupac

● John Lennon

● Kurt Cobain

● Lee Harvey Oswald

● Princess Diana

● David Bowie


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