“him.” By Mia Garcia

his eyes, the way they sparkle in the sun, a perfect shade of green.

I could stare at them all day and smile.

His jet black, short curly hair frames his round, oval face oh so perfectly.

The cute little freckles that engulf his nose.

His pink, full lips that I love so much.


Truth is, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know I love him; he doesn’t know I care. He doesn’t know me.

To him, I’m just the girl who he sees around the halls, the girl in his P.E class who stares at him while he dribbles the ball playing basketball.

The girl that immediately hides her face behind her notebook if he just simply looks towards her direction.

The girl that puts on a fake smile as soon as she sees his girlfriend kiss him from afar. To him, I’m just an acquaintance.


To me, he’s special. I’ve never felt the way about someone the way I feel about him.

The boy who makes my heart flutter just by looking at him.

The boy I hate for making me feel the way I do.

I hide my face behind a notebook just to avoid him looking at me.

I frown just seeing him happy with someone else.

To me, he is simply the guy I can’t have.





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