“Article 5” By Manuel Hernandez

Another problem freshman go through is dating and girlfriends/boyfriends. When they enter high school is when relationships come into play. Because of these relationships, which NEVER last. Most of these relationships end up very badly and in long term heartbreak. This long term heartbreak causes the victim to not focus on their grades and their schoolwork. Which brings me back to the most important part of high school: Grades. An explicit topic that has to do with high school: intimacy or sex. These usually come in around junior and senior year. Many problems come with these two things. The number one issue is teen pregnancy. When those under 21 years old become pregnant. There have been girls that become pregnant at 14 years old. Another problem with this is the fact that the baby will grow up with very poor living conditions and most likely no father, because no high school teen male with put up with a child.         


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