“Weird Shoes” By Maria F. Estevez

There is a special relationship between people and shoes. Specifically, when it has to do with shoes.
Almost all shoes are designed in the same boring way but there are definitely exceptions. Must designers let their creativity go wild.
There aren’t any rules when it comes to design but some results of this are too radical for most people’s taste but others think that these type of shoes can become a true success.
When you are dressing up it is important not to forget about your feet. Some people go for the realistic look but others just tend to be a little different. While it may not be incredibly functional, weird shoes are a fantastic medium to express personalities and there is always something interesting about a common and typically boring element from our everyday lives, being turned into something creative and unique.
Some people think that extremely high heels or other weird designs may not be the most comfortable clothing item in the world. However, some designers express this in an industrial way, by adding painful looking, metals and other variety of stuff and turning a common element into something very interesting and cool.


2 thoughts on ““Weird Shoes” By Maria F. Estevez

  1. Well maria, I feel that you are right in what you are saying about the designers and how they just let there creativity run wild and make these crazy and outrageous shoes. I also though that you should maybe add a little bit more detail to your essay. Also i would recommend you using a little bit more sophisticated vocabulary. Also i don’t really care about shoes to be completely honest i only read this article because of the pictures 😉


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