“The Arctic’s Sea Bird” By Kevin Lainez

Found in the harshest environments to man, in both cold and freezing temperatures. The Arctic’s Seabird or the Emperor Penguin considered the largest of its kind. This creature can survive temperatures of under -60 degrees Fahrenheit’ thriving in the summers and withstanding the harshest winter blizzards..

The “Spheniscidae Species” which includes 17 total species of Penguin including the Arctic Penguin also known as the Emperor Penguin (info; Seaworld.com), were first discovered in 1902 by Lt. Reginald Skelton. The penguin family come in different names and sizes depending on their habitat, but the Arctic Penguin is one of the most interesting of them all. Due to its environment and breeding grounds, which include -80 degree temperatures and over 40 miles of waddling to reach their young.


Penguins are often seen as the Frozen, adorable, and kind animals. Their diet consists of only krill, small fish, and squid and they stand at under 4.ft in height and weigh as much as 84.lbs under good conditions, they come with many predators such as the Killer Whale, the Great white shark, the leopard seal even the Polar bear will make a quick meal of these harmless animals. in many instances penguins are naturally found on land but hunt in the ocean to catch small squid, Fish, and Krill. This can be dangerous for the Penguin since their natural predators hide in the same waters.


Penguins are not only affected by their natural predators, since over 1,500,000 penguins thrive in the Arctic. But are now lowering in numbers due to hunters who kill for their pelt, oil spills that affected penguins, like the Russian Oil Disaster that is still in effect. other problems have also put penguins at risk such as the Cape-town spill of June 23,2000 the 17 Year old oil freight carried about 140,000 tons spilled about 1,300 tons of oil into the surrounding waters affected the lives of many wildlife animals and civilians who lived in the area, these factors have put the Penguin at risk to developing problems growing their feathers and fishing in the surrounding waters. But as long as we keep their habitats clean and stable they will continue to thrive.


3 thoughts on ““The Arctic’s Sea Bird” By Kevin Lainez

  1. This article details penguins and how they impact the planet. Not only that but it shows how the planet impacts them. Also, why penguins need to be preserved because they are going extinct. This is a very good article and it details penguins perfectly and why they are important to the environment.


  2. this article has a lot of information about penguins. I’m in love with this topic. I want you to talk about more wildlife endanger. I want to learn a lot more about penguins. Penguins are cute creatures.


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