“Shoes that will kill you” By Maria F. Estevez

Many people go to work every day and work for 8 or more hours a day and they expect a really good look wherever they are. Most expensive shoes, they do make u look beautiful and fancy but the thing is that they are not specifically the most comfortable ones.

Even if you’re a fashion person that likes very fancy stuff, you always want to be comfortable no matter what.

This shoes are ones of the most uncomfortable shoes that are trending now.

  • Suede pointy toe pump (Prada).
  • Luxury Prada Pumps Shoes p079.
  • Laminated kid leather sandal.

2 thoughts on ““Shoes that will kill you” By Maria F. Estevez

  1. Very poor article, the title is way off topic and the article has a couple of grammar mistakes. Basically I feel like my time was wasted. The off topic title caught my attention but when I read the four sentences or less, well it just didn’t have anything to do with the article itself. Title says “Shoes that will kill you” I expect something along those lines but instead I got some tips on comfortable shoes and good looking ones. Although you have talent you must provide the reader with more information about the content your article is pointed towards. I don’t know whether to call this an article or a quick on the way sentence kind of deal. It literally has 3 sentences and 3 shoes from Prada. Overall a nice article but more on the poor side. Also work on your grammar and DO NOT use “u” as substitute for “you” on your future articles. Great Job!! (not really)


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