“Freshmen Problems: Being Judged” By Manuel Hernandez

Another downside that comes with being a freshman is continuously being a judged by others. Usually, freshmen are judged by high schoolers who are older than them, such as the sophomores, juniors and seniors, but mostly by seniors. The most commonly used word the seniors use is “immature”. Because they are the youngest grade in their high school. Freshmen are viewed as the little brother of high school. They are always teased by higher grades. Although, teasing someone for being a lower grade level than you is immature. Plus, most freshmen get better grades than the juniors and seniors. Most freshmen don’t really mind the teasing. They acknowledge that it is just a part of life that everybody has to go through. Which brings me to my next point, why do high schoolers tease freshmen, even though at one point in their life they were freshmen? All sophomores, juniors and seniors have had to go through being freshman and being judged. I guess it’s just a fun thing to do and it makes the other grades feel better about themselves. The problem is that, instead of those that take it as a joke, a minority of people actually get offended by being judged and teased. Along with the teasing, comes some bullying. High schoolers pick and choose who they want to judge and/or bully. Juniors and Seniors tease those everybody, but they bully the ones that aren’t social. High schoolers tend to bully the outsiders or people who don’t have higher social status than them. Freshmen are always going to be teased, but those outsiders that don’t talk to other freshmen or are just quiet in general, tend to be bullied more by seniors. Another thing that can result by bullying is cyber-bullying, which is bullying someone online. Freshmen, and high schoolers in general, can be bullied by apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. So, teasing becomes bullying and then those who don’t take bullying lightly will try to act different and change themselves to try to fit in with the higher grades. That or they will hate coming to school every day, and when they do they do they tend to remove themselves from society and not speak to anybody, including their friends, just to not be teased, and be accepted.

This teasing either happens in groups, where a group of people will bully and tease a freshman. Or one person bullies another. Either way, freshmen are always teased but most people don’t really care, but those who do become offended. Juniors and Seniors will never stop poking fun at seniors, but they can stop bullying others just because they aren’t as old as them, or as “cool” as them, or as mature as them. The solution to this problem is for the freshmen that are being bullied to stand up to the juniors and seniors, or just not paying attention to them.


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