“Tank vs RDA” by Felix Vera

Tanks- A juice delivery system that uses a variety of different methods to get juice to an atomizer to be warmed then vaped. A common tank style would be a carto tank that uses a cartomizer with a hole(s) punched in the side then place in a tube (tank) and filled with juice, the juice from the tank feeds the cartomizer and keeps the cotton inside the cart saturated with e-liquid. Another common tank would be the ce4 style tank or the vivi nova style tanks that use several wicks that are attached to the atomizer (coil) and hang down into the tank of juice.

RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) — an RBA with a deck with posts to anchor the coils and provide the electrical connections to the battery (mod) that heats the coils. The deck is covered with a cap (an outer shell) that screws on with threading or slides on with O-rings. RDAs have no tank section to hold e-liquid. They’re designed for e-liquid to be dripped from a bottle, drop by drop, directly onto the coils and/or wicks (usually after removing the cap, which is then replaced after dripping). Sometimes the decks have a well under the coils that holds a small amount of e-liquid, usually less than 1ml.



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