“Shoes trending in schools now” by Maria F. Estevez

The majority of people know that there is a grand variety of shoes that kids in schools use. But the real truth is that there are more than one of them that are the most used.

Many people and specially kids and adolescents think that because a pair of shoes are the most used they officially are the best or coolest shoes, this is actually the reason why most pair of shoes get trending in schools and first of all in social media; which is a big influence specially in high schoolers.


When a pair of shoes come out schoolers start wearing them and they get trending and that style starts to be the most popular in schools.

In 2016 one of the most trending shoes are the following:

  • Converse All Star Chuck Tylor Optical White LO
  • Black Nike Roche Running Shoes.
  • White/Golden Adidas Superstar.
  • Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LE QS
  • Nike Air Max Thea




They get trending because their popularity and this may have to do with their prices. Obviously if we are talking about trending shoes and most used, it’s going to be more expensive since everyone wants to use them, and students are the principals doing this. This way they get popular in schools.


3 thoughts on ““Shoes trending in schools now” by Maria F. Estevez

  1. very poor article, first off you don’t need to add in the word adolescents because it isn’t going to add more emphasis to the article anyway. Also you need to add more info on the shoes and write a little more .and people don’t wear shoes that are popular because they go to school?


  2. Although your article talks about your topic, it needs a bit more information. You can add more things like shoe trends in different locations, how the trends have changed, etc. What caught my eye was the picture with all those shoes, this is good to bring more people to your article. There are a few grammatical errors so check for that next time. Another thing you can do is add the source of this information so people know how reliable it is.


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