“Sensitive Skin Do’s and Dont’s” by Alexandra Sanchez

Most of you may know the struggle when dealing with sensitive skin. Random breakouts, hives, & scars are your worst nightmares come alive. I don’t blame you, these results can get extremely frustrating & be quite embarrassing to deal with. The fact is that you were born with sensitive skin & you have to find a way to get by without having these irritating reactions ruin your appearance & bring down your self-esteem. In reality, there isn’t much you could’ve done to prevent yourself from having sensitive skin, but you can learn to live with it and make sure you don’t have to deal with these flare-ups as often as they occur.

Sensitive Skin Care Dos

  • Do Stay Hydrated! Making sure your drinking the right amount of water daily, 8 glasses to be exact, is one of the key elements to having unproblematic skin. Our skins appearance varies most on our internal health; I mean it is the largest organ in the human body. So drink enough water & your body will thank you.
  • Do Wear Sunscreen! Sunscreen is an absolute must when trying to avoid discoloration & aging. Protection from UV rays is one of the most important steps to take when dealing with

sensitive skin or any skin type in general. SPF 30 & higher is what you should be looking for when purchasing any type of cosmetics.

  • Do Avoid Acne Breakout Stimulants! When purchasing cosmetics, you should always keep an eye out for the wording “non-comedogenic (non acne-causing).” Even when this isn’t printed on the front of the product, just quickly skim through the ingredients & you should be good to go. Try your best to avoid mineral oils unless it’s purified to become mineral oil USP & it shouldn’t have any resemblance to petroleum nor be a source of contaminants.
  • Do Gather Information on Antioxidants! Antioxidants are essential when it comes to your skin. Not only is it known for its anti-inflammatory ways, but also for how it treats scars, anti-ages, & repairs sun damage.  It simulates blood flow which encourages the skin to create new cells.


Sensitive Skin Care Donts 

  • Don’t Overdo It! You should always refrain from using too many products on your skin at once, this will only irritate your skin & you’ll most likely bring about “itchy red bump” syndrome, which is pretty irksome to deal with especially when you were using all those products in order to prevent these flare-ups. Your skin just won’t be able to absorb more than three products at once; product interaction is quite a risk due to the fact that it could damage your skins epidermis or even worse result in epidermal suffocation.
  • Don’t Touch or Pick! Many of you are pretty guilty of falling into the temptation of picking or touching your face when you know for sure that isn’t what you should be doing, including myself. Picking & touching could lead to infection, stir up redness, & result in scars. When you squeeze a pimple only 20% of its contents are ejected, meanwhile the other 80% is just pushed deeper into the dermis just causing the healing process to take much longer than expected.
  • Try Avoiding Makeup! I personally absolutely love wearing & playing with makeup, but to a certain extent. Things like foundation, concealer, & powder are just clogging up your pores & bringing about annoying & sometimes even painful acne. I’m not saying to stop wearing makeup all together, but to just refrain from wearing it often.
  • Don’t Over wash! Over washing your face isn’t going to make it any cleaner, washing your face once or twice daily is actually enough to keep your faces hygiene intact. Over washing while using things like medicated soap & detergent will just strip your skin of its epidermis layers leaving your skin chapped & agitated.

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