“Muscle vs JDM vs Euro: A History of Car Rivalries in America” By Danny Miranda

Muscle vs JDM especially seems to be the strongest rivalry because both opposing camps have opposing ways to make a car go fast. Muscle cars use old school techniques like fat tires and big engines to get around a track quicker while JDM cars use fancy technology, nimbleness, turbochargers and high revving engines to do them same thing. While muscles car names have stayed the same, they try to evoke memories of the glorious days when MPG and size didn’t matter. Tuner cars on the other hand, have modern names and numbers, which inspire an image of high tech modern cars. Each car here has its pros and cons. Generally speaking, the muscle cars still have more power than the tuner cars but, with the simple addition of aftermarket turbos and tuner parts, the tuner cars can reach searing horsepower numbers. The most important difference between muscles and tuners, which car enthusiasts bring up every time they fight, is the fact that tuners can also turn. Muscle cars are known for, in comparison to tuners, their poor turning ability. While most muscle will beat tuners in a drag race, in a time attack or a rally, the muscle will lose badly, simply because of the enormous speed losses in corners. Tuners, on the other hand, handle very well and can turn corners very sharply and even “drift” around corners so as to not lose any speed. Today, while the differences between the two types of cars has decreased.


2 thoughts on ““Muscle vs JDM vs Euro: A History of Car Rivalries in America” By Danny Miranda

  1. Your article is really boring like I coudn’t even keep reading it because I was about to fall asleep. Well I recommend that you keep working on learning how to write an interesting article because you will need it. I think you may have talent and know things about cars but next time don’t get things from google.


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