“Freshmen Problems” by Manuel Hernandez

Freshmen Problems: Can’t Participate in School Activities and Peer Pressure:

Another downside that comes with being a freshman is not having the ability to participate in certain school activities. Some of these activities include those that only some grades, such as juniors and seniors, can participate in. An example of this would be GradBash, an end of the year field trip for seniors. The other activities that freshmen don’t participate in are those they don’t want to participate in because they are scared they will be judged by the seniors. These activities include Prom, Winter Formal, End of Year field trips, etc. Another huge problem is peer pressure. Peer pressure is when someone does something that harms them because their “friends” are doing it. Because they don’t want to feel left out, they do what their friends pressure them to do. This leads freshmen to partake in doing drugs, and having sex at a young age. Peer pressure usually comes from the freshmen following the seniors and what they do. Some seniors do drugs and do illegal things, and the freshmen following them can partake in those activities. Freshmen affected by peer pressure usually stop caring about their gradesm, which affects their future majorly.


4 thoughts on ““Freshmen Problems” by Manuel Hernandez

  1. All that this article talks about is true because I feel that all this really happens and freshman feel left out by the other grades and we don’t feel comfortable sometimes. I think that schools should begging caring about this type of problems because it is affecting the students’ future.This article let us know and see better the reality and what’s actually happening.


  2. I like this article because I can relate to it a lot. as a freshman it is really annoying when people are always screaming “FRESHIE” at you. I think this article because it brings out the problems that freshmen’s have everyday in high school.


  3. The information in this article is true and it is important to freshman. Freshmans do not get many opportunities like other high schoolers like juniors and seniors. I really like this article and especially because I am a freshman and I understand what the article is talking about. I believe that this article could be a future reference to many people.


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