“Freshmen Problems” by Gianna Fernandez

It’s hard for some freshmen to make friends. Especially the new kids. They don’t know anyone and they don’t know who to be friends with. You can just tell they’re a new kid from a mile away. Sometimes they don’t look the same as other kids and they get judged, so nobody wants to talk to them, or often time people have heard bad things about them from another school. There are also times where someone does talk to a new kid and they just think they’re weird and tell everyone about it. They’ll make fun of things like a skin disease, mental disabilities, or they’re just different from other people. It happens all the time in every school.


Here’s some advice for the new kids: try to make friends with people in every class, that way you have some friends and don’t look like a complete loner.


3 thoughts on ““Freshmen Problems” by Gianna Fernandez

  1. This is sooooo cute. The way a person to a new environment, such as high school, is described is pretty entertaining. I liked how problems– bulliying– is mentioned, but not praised upon. I really like how mental health disabilities is involved. it’s kinda like showing that anyone with anything, with or without mental health, can get picked on. pretty rad article.


  2. I like how you added the advice in the end but you should include how that doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Since I am a junior and I obviously was a freshman at some point, I think some of this doesn’t apply to everyone. But I can say the part where you said that they make up stuff about the new kids is true. The only thing I would suggest to change is to include more general information and write more as well.


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